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Usage of NFC Tags in Various Places

Along with the increase of NFC cellphones, NFC tags increasingly become a common way to use this kind of new technology. However, many Android users still don't know how to use these tags. Now try to apply these innovative ways to use your NFC tags. The scheme of NFC tags could make our lives more convenient, so custom nfc tags will be applied more widely in the future.

Ⅰ. Usage of NFC tags in various places

There is no doubt that Android users normally use NFC tags to adjust effectively a series of system settings in various places.

1. At home, stick an NFC tag at the door and set it up to do some housework, such as open Wi-Fi, dim light, turn off Bluetooth, or synchronize automatically. When you use relevant applications of NFC, you can set up the tag as a switch. Then when you leave the house, you can touch the NFC tag again to change these settings such as turning off Wi-Fi.

2. When driving the car, stick the NFC tag near the dashboard or control board, and set it up to turn off Wi-Fi, turn up the volume, or open the Bluetooth of your cellphone. If your cellphone is connected to the car horn, you can set up the tag to open applications such as Pandora.

3. Before going to work, stick the hf tag on the table surface, and set it up to dim light, turn off sound, open Wi-Fi, or synchronize automatically. You can also set it up to enter into a music application and open agenda based on your hobbies. If you set up the NFC tag as a switch, before leaving you can touch it again to turn off previous activities.

4. You can also stick the NFC tag on the nightstand and set it up to switch off the sound, open the clock, turn off automatic synchronization, close light reminder, and dim light.

Ⅱ. Unique usage of NFC tag

1. Connect Wi-Fi

If you want guests at home or office to use Wi-Fi without a password, you may need an NFC tag. Some free Android applications allow you to set up an NFC tag so that a cellphone or mobile device can connect to Wi-Fi by touching an NFC device.

2. NFC keychain

With the help of the professional rfid solutions provider, You can stick an NFC tag on a current keychain, or customize an NFC keychain online, to set it up to finish frequent matters. For example, it can turn on hotspot mode or open the songs that you like.

3. Open timer automatically

Did you once open the washing machine but forget as soon as you leave? Please stick an NFC tag near the washing machine or dryer to start the timer.

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