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Using RFID Label Technology Can Trace the Source of Milk Powder Products

The safety of babies has always been the top priority for parents, especially in the purchase of milk powder products. RFID label technology enables milk powder products to achieve a traceability system, allowing parents to master the source information of milk powder products.

1. About RFID label

RFID label is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant information through the radio frequency signal. The RFID milk powder traceability system uses advanced RFID technology and relies on network technology and database technology to connect the whole process of safe milk production, including production, processing, circulation, and consumption. It stores raw production data of milk powder, such as the date of manufacture, shelf life, place of origin, producer, genetic combination, and the use of pharmaceuticals. Consumers can access the raw material information of the product by using the database.

2. Application of RFID label in pastures

RFID label technology is used to manage cattle in the ranch. Each cow is equipped with an electronic identification ear tag (electronic tag) on its neck. When the cow enters the milking parlour, the system will automatically scan the ear label on the cow so that the cows can be milked. The ranch staff can carry out effective identity authentication for each vow through the electronic ear label. As long as the information record is inquired, staff can clearly and detailedly check production data such as cow's family history, source area, unit yield and milk volume to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information collection. The uhf rfid label not only helps the ranch staff to monitor and manage the cattle condition of each ranch comprehensively, but also achieves safe and orderly production and operation of each ranch.

The establishment of the RFID milk powder traceability system is of great significance to the international community to ensure the safe traceability of the dairy industry and fight against food terrorism. For consumers, it can ensure the guarantee of eating safely. Also, the problem node can be locked timely to ensure recovery of losses as long as there is a food safety crisis.

With the growing size of the milk powder market, many milk powder brands also seize the consumption track and accelerate the production of milk powder into the market. However, due to the current situation of various milk powder brands and miscellaneous categories in the maternal and infant market, many parents do not know how to choose a safe, reliable and guaranteed milk powder in the face of numerous milk powder products. RFID label technology allows products to record information from the source so that parents can scan the code to understand all the information, source, materials of the product. The traceability of RFID label technology allows milk powder products to be traced. You will feel at ease when you see product information, which makes safety closer to life and allows babies to grow up healthily.

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