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Transportation,Access Control,Payment,Loylty etc.
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    RAIN/UHF RFID Inlay is the microchip and antenna core of an RFID tag which uses Radiofrequency identification passive (battery-free) wireless technology system to identify and track objects.
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  • HF RFID Enterprise Tablet QY-P8100
    Description of HF RFID Enterprise TabletThe RFID Enterprise Tablet with quick recognition of various 1D and 2D codes and accurate data collection, which is suitable for a wide range of appliations inc...
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    HF RFID Enterprise Tablet QY-P8100
  • RFID Paper Wristband
    Paper wristbands are frequently used. DTB enhances this product with modern RFID technology. The special feature of the paper RFID wristband is its adhesive closure.
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    RFID Paper Wristband
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As a specialist in RFID manufacturing industry, DTB provide personalized design or customization with more than ten years of experience.
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The Most Common Applications of RFID Silicone Bracelet
1. The emergence of RFID braceletsThe emergence of RFID bracelets solves the problem of bringing changes and cards when we go out every day. Also, RFID bracelets are conducive to management. There are...