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Walmart Will Apply UHF RFID Tag in Large Quantities

After successfully using UHF RFID tags on clothing, Walmart is expanding its RFID licensing to dozens of other products. Will it be the tipping point for RAIN RFID adoption in US retail?

As the largest retailer in the United States, Walmart is expanding its demand for RFID, the use of RFID by suppliers to tag products.

After successfully using UHF RFID tags with clothing, Walmart announced it will require its suppliers to RFID tag household goods, sporting goods, electronics and toys by September 2022, and plans to expand such requirements to more Multiple categories.

Because of its size and influence, Walmart is often the bellwether in retail. Walmart's move could set off a chain reaction as RFID expands into several new categories. In the US retail industry, more and more users will adopt commodity-level RFID.

RAIN RFID solutions enable retailers to view the real-time location and status of items in the supply chain and in stores. Walmart's RFID improves inventory accuracy, but more importantly helps merchants serve customers better.

Walmart has made it clear that it only uses UHF RFID tags for inventory and supply chain management. However, more and more global retailers are discovering that RAIN RFID can do more.

The benefits of UHF RFID tags have become more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the health and economic crisis pushes more consumers to shop online.

For Walmart, it was an early driver of RAIN RFID in retail, and its potential became clear for products beyond apparel. By September 2, 2022, suppliers must include UHF RFID tags on labels or packaging for all products in at least the following categories:

Kitchen & Dining, Home Decor, Bath & Shower, Bedding, Furniture, Storage & Organization, Electronics, Toys, Clothing (on request).

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