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What are the Advantages of Applying RFID Security Labels in Enterprises?

1. RFID security label vs traditional bar code


Compared with traditional bar code technology, RFID security label can save more time, manpower, material resources,as well as production costs and improve work efficiency. Therefore, RFID security label is considered by more and more enterprises as the replacement of bar code technology.


2.The advantage of enterprises applying RFID security labels

During the production and manufacturing process, if the enterprise uses RFID smart label, anti-counterfeiting functions can be well realized. The advantages of applying RFID security labels in enterprises are as follows:


(1) After enterprises use RFID tags for anti-counterfeiting, they can protect the product brand. It is convenient for customers to inquire about anti-counterfeiting products, which can enable enterprises to carry out traceability management of their products, which is more efficient and convenient. At the same time, if the RFID tag anti-counterfeiting technology is more advanced, it can reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting, which is more conducive to protect the rights and interests of customers.

(2) RFID security labels can record a large amount of information of products, which not only has anti-counterfeiting function of products, but also has traceability function, so that enterprises can track the flow direction and situation of products in real time through networking, which is beneficial for enterprises to strengthen the prevention and timely treatment of uncontrollable factors as well as reduce the losses of enterprises.


(3) The application of RFID security labels in enterprises is conducive to promoting the upgrading of production automation, making the production process intelligent, improving the production efficiency as well as reducing production costs, so as to promote the development of the whole enterprise.

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