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What Are the Advantages of Wristbands with RFID Chips?

The full English name of RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a non-contact identification technology, which is divided into active and passive. Wristbands with RFID chips, as the name suggests, require the use of radio frequency technology.

1. What are the advantages of the RFID NFC wristband?

The RFID NFC wristband mainly embodies the ultra-high radio frequency technology. The chip on the wristband can read the patient's medical information at a certain distance. It has the characteristics of non-contact reading. It has a positioning effect and monitors the patient's vital signs ( pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, etc.). Each data sets a certain risk value, once it exceeds, the risk will be automatically reminded on the computer. Moreover, the wristbands with RFID chips do not need to print the basic information of the patient on the wristband like the identification wristband, which can effectively protect the privacy of the patient.

2. The use of RFID NFC wristband

The RFID NFC wristband is most suitable for the elderly who are prone to fainting, psychiatric patients with unconsciousness and patients with language communication disorders. It can prevent children from getting lost. For example, an elderly patient with heart disease was walking around in the hospital, and suddenly felt unwell and fainted on the ground. The medical staff observed on the computer that the blood pressure and breathing data of the patient's wristband chip exceeded the normal value. The positioning of the chip determines the location to go to the rescue. Use the PDA to scan the chip on the wristband with the RFID chip to know that the patient has heart disease. According to the patient's information, the corresponding special examination or treatment measures are made, so as not to delay the condition to achieve precise treatment.

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