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What Are the Applications of RFID Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing?

Since the popularization of RFID technology, the RFID tag applications are really wide. Initially, RFID tags were mainly used in logistics. However, since the development of retail, logistics, transportation, and medical manufacturing, you can see RFID applications everywhere. The RFID technology is not a new technology, but with the advent of the era of wisdom, the industry has continued to develop various RFID tag application scenarios based on market demand in recent years. In terms of smart manufacturing, in view of the demand for resources and improving cost efficiency, various manufacturers have also begun to adopt RFID technology to achieve real-time location tracking, asset or personnel monitoring, process control on the production line, and supply chain management.

1. RFID tag applications in smart products:

RFID technology combined with smart boards can realize functions ranging from design, production, sales inspection, diagnosis and maintenance, information statistics, full-cycle information management of obsolescence, operation information recording, diagnosis and analysis, etc., to enhance the intelligent image of products. The RFID tag applications are of great value to realize the intelligentization of the product life cycle.

2. Application of RFID in transportation and logistics:

(1) Supply chain vehicle guidance and unloading management

Through RFID label, combined with the material supply requirements of the factory. The RFID label can realize the factory supplier's vehicle reservation, queuing, identification, and intelligent distribution of factory unloading resources. This is a bit like a car booking system. Before arriving at the station (factory), the supplier will make an appointment queuing (buying tickets) through the online reservation system. After arriving at the factory (station), follow the signs to the reserved unloading space (waiting and getting on car).

(2) Material distribution turnover box management

The application of RFID label technology to logistics turnover box management can greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics system, realize digital warehouse management (warehouse location management, fast real-time inventory), etc. It can make management more scientific, timely and effective, and ensure high-quality data exchange for supply difficulties, which will bring about a substantial increase in logistics efficiency, thereby reducing the overall cost of the system.

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