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What Are the Functions of NFC Tags?

Ⅰ. What is an NFC tag?

NFC, namely Near Field Communication, is a high-frequency radio communication technology at a short distance, which allows electronic equipment for contactless peer-to-peer data transmission within 10cm and data exchange. With a tap, data can be exchanged between different electronic products. Different from contactless IC cards, the NFC tag can conduct two-way communication. Products and IC cards, which support NFC, can read or write data as well as communicate with portable products such as cellphones. Those cellphones with NFC technology can be used directly by the electronic consumer, to download coupons and electronic tickets, and to be used as member cards at stores and scenic spots. NFC users only need to swipe their NFC cellphones to enjoy the convenience of wireless payment.

Ⅱ. Functions of the NFC tag

NFC tag can be used as a contactless smart card, reader terminal for smart card, and data transmission link between equipment. It is widely used. The applications of the NFC tag can be divided into five basic types.

1. The nfc tag maker advice to use an NFC tag instead of a present card, the users feel convenient to apply and carry. Sticking on a client's cellphone, the NFC tag fulfills all the functions of a contactless card. It can identify large terminal clients, accumulate consumption points and provide special services for clients.

2. For commercial promotion, certain information will be written on the poster with an NFC tag. The clients bring their cellphones with NFC readers near to the tags, and a series of set functions will be finished for an instant.

3. For mobile payment, in the system of stored-value consumption and point consumption, the NFC tag realizes the high security of commercial consumption and payment transaction, by security certificate of the user password.

4. Interact data connection and transmission between NFC tags. For instance, transmission, identification, and exchange of data files, synchronous processing of data, and various data operations between devices as well as device and backstage.

5. There are other application functions of the NFC tag. NFC is a brand-new open system. It is the combination of radio frequency, radio communication technology, and the latest network information technology. It must bring big changes to people's lives in the next 2 to 5 years. At present, NFC innovates and upgrades the function and depth of various systems, such as all kinds of consuming management systems, customer management systems, commercial promotion systems, logistics management systems, asset management systems, and so on.

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