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What is a Fragile RFID Label? How Does It Play a Role in Anti-counterfeiting?

1. Understand RFID labels

Electronic tags directly inherit the concept of radar, and thus develop into a vibrant new technology - RFID technology. For decades, the theory of RFID technology has been enriched and improved, active, passive and semi-passive electronic tags have been developed rapidly, single-chip RFID labels, multi-electronic tag reading, wireless readable and writable, passive RFID The long-distance identification of tags and RFID that adapts to high-speed moving objects are becoming a reality. The organic combination of RFID technology and Internet technology is one of the most revolutionary growth points in the global IT industry.

2. How can fragile RFID labels play an anti-counterfeiting role?

Traditional anti-counterfeiting technology generally uses printing anti-counterfeiting, and the anti-counterfeiting label can be copied and transferred. Not only does it not play an anti-counterfeiting role, but it is copied and fabricated by unscrupulous merchants, which leads to the flow of fake products into the market, forming a vicious circle. The combination of RFID and anti-counterfeiting technology has further curbed counterfeit products in the market. Using RFID fragile anti-counterfeiting technology, its electronic tag has an embedded chip, and is a globally unique number or commodity code information, which can only be recognized by authorized reading and writing equipment. The fragile RFID label adopts special fragile paper and anti-transfer glue, and the PET layer is removed by the tag antenna, so that the fragile RFID label cannot be peeled off normally after pasting, and the effect of anti-transfer and tear-proof is realized. After it is attached to the item, the antenna will automatically break when it is lifted up again, so it plays an anti-counterfeiting role and is mainly used in the anti-counterfeiting traceability field of valuables, tobacco, and famous wine.

Fragile RFID labels can effectively prevent heat transfer; the original double-sided antenna coil is etched with high-precision aluminum, which ensures consistency between products and improves The quality of the label; the distance between aluminum and aluminum in the label is relatively consistent and not easy to break, which ensures a relatively consistent resistivity in the label, making the label information transmission, reading and writing stable and fast.

This also makes the fragile RFID label work stably in harsh environments such as ultraviolet rays and high temperatures; at the same time, the fragile RFID label is resistant to bending, not easy to be damaged, and has a longer storage time. Combined with the current popular two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting printing and other technologies to achieve multiple anti-counterfeiting, and truly realize the RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability that consumers can check.

Founded in 2008, DTB RFID is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of RFID products and IoT information systems. After years of development, DTB production line has covered RFID cards, RFID labels, RFID inlays, RFID wristbands and RFID readers.

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