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What is RFID Reader?

1. Brief introduction of RFID reader

The RFID reader is the brain of the RFID system and is essential to any system. Readers, also called reader transponders, are devices that send and receive radio waves and communicate with RFID tags.

2. Two types of RFID readers

RFID readers are generally divided into two different types: fixed RFID readers and mobile RFID readers. Fixed readers are located in one location, usually installed on a wall, desk, entrance or other fixed location.

One common type of fixed reader is the integrated reader. An integrated RFID reader is a reader with a built-in antenna, which usually includes an additional antenna port for connecting an optional external antenna. Integrated readers are usually both beautiful and practical, and are designed for indoor use when there is no need for a large number of marked items.

Fixed RFID readers usually have external antenna ports, and one to eight different antennas can be added by adding a certain number (1-8) of adapters and hubs. Some readers can even connect up to 32 RFID antennas, and the number of antennas connected to a reader depends on the coverage required by the RFID application. Some applications (such as checking in and checking out files) require only a small coverage area, so a single antenna can achieve good results. Other application scenarios with larger coverage areas, such as the finish line in race timing applications, usually require multiple antennas to cover the necessary range.

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