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What is the Difference Between Barcode and RFID Tag?

It is an indisputable fact that traditional barcodes have been replaced by RFID tag technology. This new technology is widely used in various industries. At the same time, the application of RFID tags in libraries, logistics, automation, retail and other industries has created unparalleled value. Reflect, then what are the irreplaceable advantages of barcodes for RFID tags? What are the differences between traditional barcodes and RFID tags?

Ⅰ. The introduction of barcodes and RFID tags

1. Barcode system: A barcode system is a binary code that composes data with parallel lines and separated gaps, a sequence of wide and narrow lines or gaps that can be interpreted with numbers/letters. Read out by a laser scanner (what we now call a "light pen"), ie by the different reflections of the laser light on the black lines and white gaps. Although their physical structure is the same, there is a clear distinction between the code structures of the roughly ten types of barcodes in use today, with the library using barcode 39.

2. RFID electronic tag: The RFID tag is composed of a tag antenna (or coil) and tag chip. The chip is a single-chip system with wireless transceiver and storage functions. It stores electronic data in a certain format and can identify information as needed. RFID tags are divided into passive tags and active tags. The library uses passive tags. After receiving the signal from the reader, the tag sends the information stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current, so it is also called a passive tag. RFID tags can be made into various shapes and sizes, are extremely thin, have flexibility, and can be pasted on various information carriers other than metal, with high security. According to frequency, DTB, one of UHF RFID tag manufacturers, provides different kinds of UHF RFID tags and HF RFID tags of high quality.

Ⅱ. Comparison of barcodes and RFID tags

When the light pen reads the barcode, the manual operation is low, and it must be processed one by one, which is prone to errors, labor-intensive, and greatly affected by environmental conditions. In comparison, RFID tags have more advantages: their readers do not require visible light sources, are penetrating, can directly read information through external materials, and can process multiple radio frequency tags at the same time. Coil) and label chip, the chip is a single-chip system with wireless transceiver and storage functions, it stores electronic data in a certain format, and can identify information as needed.

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