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What Is the Relationship Between RFID Labels and NFC Tags?

NFC tags are developed on the basis of RFID labels. NFC tags are not much different from RFID labels in essence. Both of them are based on the signal transmission between two objects with close geographical location. However, there are differences between NFC tags and RFID labels.

1. Technical details of NFC tags and RFID labels

The point-to-point communication function is added in NFC technology, which can quickly establish P2P (point-to-point) wireless communication between Bluetooth devices. In other words, NFC tags often establish communication links by looking for each other. The two devices of P2P communication are equivalent, while the two devices of RFID label communication are in a master-slave relationship.

2. Frequency band difference of NFC tags and RFID labels

NFC tags are only limited to the 13.56 MHz band, but the frequency band of RFID labels is low frequency (125 kHz to 135 kHz), high frequency (13.56 MHz) and ultra-high frequency (860 MHz to 960 MHz). Of course, the frequency bands of the RFID tag card mentioned above are not the all frequencies. They are a few of the ones we interact with most on a daily basis. It should be noted that 900M and 13.56M are the two frequencies with the widest application range. Our commonly used bus recharge cards, meal cards, second-generation ID cards and PBOC bank cards all belong to this frequency band. 900M is often used for  inventory management using RFID.

Unlike 13.56M, 900M is a general term and not an exact frequency, which varies from country to country. The frequency band in China is around 900M, so 900M is generally used as a pronoun in China.

3. Effective Working distance and application range of NFC tags and RFID labels

The effective working distance of NFC tag is usually less than 10 cm, so it has high security; the work distance of RFID labels is from a few meters to tens of meters. RFID labels are more used in production, logistics, tracking, asset management, and NFC tags play a huge role in access control, public transport, mobile payment and other fields. Shenzhen DTB RFID Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that researches NFC technology and provides high-quality products and service in campus cards, public traffic cards, mobile payment, and TSM platform field.

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