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What RFID Cards Have You Seen?

What are RFID cards? I think most people are relatively unfamiliar with them and even do not know what they are. Today, Shenzhen DTB RFID Co., Ltd. will introduce some knowledge about RFID cards to you.

RFID is the general term of radio frequency identification, and RFID cards are radio frequency cards. Some of you will ask what are radio frequency cards, so Shenzhen DTB RFID Co., Ltd. will explain here. Radio frequency cards are chip cards that contain frequency response and IC or ID chips. At present, the RFID cards on the market can be divided into low-frequency cards (ID cards of 125KHz), high-frequency cards (IC cards of13.56MHz) and ultra-high-frequency cards (915MHz).

From the perspective of use habit, RFID cards can be divided into standard cards and special-shaped cards. It is easy to understand what are standard cards. Standard cards are the common PVC cards, and special-shaped cards are relative to the common cards. The size of standard cards is 85.5 * 54 * 0.76 mm. In principle, the RFID cards that can't meet the standard size can be called a special-shaped cards.

UHF RFID card is widely used in production enterprises or special facilities, which are relatively rare in life. UHF cards have large internal storage and can carry more data. For example, the concept of blockchain is directly related to this kind of UHF card or electronic tag. I believe people who engaged in RFID industry have a clear understanding about it.

If you are engaged in project integration system, security, and protection, e-card system, engineering and Internet of Things, then you will mostly understand the RFID cards introduced by Shenzhen DTB RFID Co., Ltd. Another supplementary note: Magnetic stripe cards or PVC membership cards without chips are not RFID cards. It is emphasized that RFID cards are radio frequency cards. Cards without frequency chips are not called RFID cards. Electronic tags belong to RFID cards.

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