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Where is the NFC Tag Applied?

With the opening of Apple's NFC reading permissions, the Internet of Things will usher in a climax, especially in some application scenarios based on NFC tags.

1. The NFC tag is used for information exchange

As the most basic skill of NFC tags, the acquisition and interaction of tag information is more convenient and faster than QR codes. Information interaction is an application of the NFC tag in a broad sense. Almost most NFC tags are transmitting some information to the user and then completing some actions. Here we deliberately enumerate some applications that emphasize information reading and interactive experience, such as personal NFC business cards, advertising tags on billboards, and navigation tags on public stop signs. There are even some electronic devices that use the NFC function to complete Bluetooth quick pairing, as well as electronic ID cards for cargo information management in the warehouse.

2. The source of the NFC tag for anti-counterfeiting

In addition to information management and interaction, the biggest feature of NFC tags is security and uniqueness. Some specially designed tamper proof NFC tags can be encrypted and can be torn to no effect. The biggest shortcoming of the two-dimensional code is that it is easy to be copied, and NFC tags can perfectly solve this problem. Therefore, some high-value, high-fidelity products can use the anti-counterfeiting of tamper-proof NFC tags to ensure the authenticity of the products, such as alcohol, jewelry, furniture, etc.

3. The NFC tag is used for gaming and entertainment

NFC tags and chips can be placed in many electronic products, so that they not only have the ability to quickly connect and interact, but also provide more imagination for some game and entertainment products. At present, some digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets and even tablet computers are equipped with NFC functions to facilitate their better interaction with mobile devices.

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