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Working Principles and Advantages of NFC Tag

NFC is no longer a novel word, this technology has entered our lives and affects our lives. NFC is widely used, and it also symbolizes that China's hardware technology is becoming more and more powerful. So in today's increasingly advanced hardware technology, how does NFC tags affect our lives? What kind of changes will the application of NFC tags bring to our lives?

Ⅰ. The working principle of NFC tags

Regarding the working principle of NFC tags, first of all we need to know that NFC is a passive product, that is to say, NFC tags themselves have no power supply, and they need to be activated by devices such as mobile phones, but cannot work by themselves.

So how is the NFC tag activated? In order to make the NFC tag work normally, generally speaking, a product with a power source generates a current in the NFC coil, and the method of generating the current is electromagnetic induction - the electric current in the mobile phone. The current in the coil creates a magnetic field, which in turn affects the NFC coil and creates an electric current. The working principle is similar to A4WP's wireless charging technology. It is precisely because of this principle that the general NFC tag can only take effect within a relatively short distance when used, and cannot be transmitted over a long distance like other communication technologies.

Today, NFC has become more than just a tag. In general, NFC tags use the Type A and B standards of ISO 14443, which are already used in many public transportation systems. The disadvantage of these two types of tags is that they can only carry very small data and can only transmit at 106 kbit/s. Compared with storage devices such as SD cards, such tags have many shortcomings, but when transmitting some very simple information such as URLs, business cards, etc., it will not affect your experience.

Ⅱ. The advantages of NFC tags

The NFC tag has a short transmission distance and a slow transmission speed, so what are its advantages? The biggest advantage of NFC is its cheapness. Since it is a passive device, the NFC tag can be made into an NFC tag simply by designing the coil, so the NFC tag is unbelievably cheap. In addition, compared with traditional products such as Bluetooth, nfc paper tags are simpler and more efficient to use, which can bring you a better experience. Therefore, in the next time, NFC should appear more and more in our lives. NFC tags bring great convenience to life, effectively improve the information exchange and transmission between electronic devices, and greatly improve the quality of life.

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