R50 UHF RFID Label

R50 UHF RFID Label

Air interface protocol
EPC Global Class1 Gen2 ISO 18000-6C

Operational frequency
Global 902-928MHz

Tag dimensions
52*33mm / 2.04”*1.29”

Mechanical Specification

Base Material

Liner Material
80g Coated Paper

Bottom Material
Release Paper

Tag Pitch

2500 PCS / Roll (Can Be Customized)

Reel Inner Diameter
76.2 mm / 3″

Tag Dimensions
52*33mm / 2.04”*1.29”

Antenna Dimensions
50 * 30mm / 1.96″ * 1.18″

Electrical Specification

Air Interface Protocol
EPC Global Class1 Gen2 1S018000-6C

(US Standard) 902-928 MHz

IC Type
Impinj Monza R6(Can Be Customized)

EPC 96 bits;TID 96 bits;  User Memory:No

IC Life
100,000 Times

Data Retention
10 Years

Application Surface
Non Metal Surface

Reading Range
About 8 m (US Standard, Handheld 1W)

Environmental Resistance

Operating temperature
-20°C – 80°C

Storage Temperature
20°C – 30°C

Storage Humidity
20-90 % Relative Humidity

Shelf Life
20°C – 30°C, 40 – 60% Relative Humidity, More Than 2 Years

Application Area

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