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NFC card is a contactless smart card that belongs to RFID technology and uses Near Field Communication (NFC) for secure transactions, access control, and data exchange. Simply tap the card on a compatible reader to perform various functions effortlessly.
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Cashless Payment

NFC enables seamless Cashless Payment by allowing users to simply tap their smartphones or cards on compatible terminals, ensuring fast, secure, and convenient transactions without the need for physical cash.

NFC streamlines Access Control by allowing secure, contactless entry to buildings or restricted areas. Users tap NFC-enabled cards or devices on readers for quick, authenticated access.

Access Control

Public Transit

NFC enhances Public Transit by enabling quick, contactless fare payments. Riders simply tap their NFC-enabled cards or devices on terminals for seamless, efficient access to transportation services.

NFC allows users to quickly Shares Social Media profiles, contact information, or content by simply tapping devices, making networking and information exchange seamless and efficient.

Shares Social Media


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DTB is the Partner of best class RFID company/organization, like NXP, ST, RAIN Alliance, NFC Forum etc.

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DTB RFID Professional R&D team to keep to do product innovation to meet evolving industry demands.

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With ISO 9001 approved, DTB employees are traineed to work according to ISO management system.

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Offering Product Design, Data Processing, and More.

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Rich experience to work with Furtune 500 companies, good reputation.

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses radio waves for one-way communication, while NFC (Near Field Communication) is a subset of RFID that allows two-way communication at a close range.

No, smartphones with NFC capability can only read NFC tags, which operate at 13.56 MHz but cannot read RFID tags that operate at low or ultra-high frequencies.

NFC card communication operates over a very short range, typically up to 10 centimeters (about 4 inches). This limited range is a key feature of NFC technology.

No, it does not have its own power source. They are passive devices that rely on the energy provided by the NFC reader to operate. When an NFC card is brought close to an NFC reader, the reader generates an electromagnetic field that powers the card’s chip through inductive coupling.

NFC provides secure data exchange and encryption for transactions, while RFID systems can be secured through authentication and encryption to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

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