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HF tags and NFC tags are both cutting-edge technologies that have transformed the way we interact with everyday objects. While they share some similarities, such as their ability to wirelessly transmit data, they also have distinct features and applications.
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Smart Payments

NFC tags enable Smart Payments by allowing contactless transactions. Users simply tap their device on an NFC-enabled terminal to securely complete the payment, providing a fast and convenient payment method.


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HF RFID operates in the 3-30 MHz range, while NFC is a subset of HF RFID, operating specifically at 13.56 MHz. NFC is standardized and designed for close proximity communication, typically within a few centimeters.

NFC has a typical read range of about 4 cm, whereas HF RFID can be read from distances up to 1 meter, depending on the reader and tag specifications.

Yes, most NFC tags have writable memory that can be rewritten multiple times, although they can also be locked or password-protected to prevent further writing.

HF RFID is often used for applications like inventory tracking, asset management, and access control. NFC is widely used for contactless payments, information sharing, and connecting electronic devices.

Passive RFID tags, including HF RFID, can last for many years and withstand harsh conditions. NFC tags also tend to be durable but are typically designed for everyday use and can be integrated into smartphones and other consumer electronics.

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