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In economic activities, fake and inferior commodities not only seriously affect economic development, but also destroy the interests of enterprises and consumers.

Traditional anti-counterfeiting technologies include laser anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, magnetic anti-counterfeiting, temperature anti-counterfeiting, special printing, etc. But these anti-counterfeiting methods are easy to be copied.

Compared with the above technology, the advantage of RFID anti counterfeiting technology is that each tag has a globally unique ID number-UID. The UID is programmed in the ROM when the chip is made, so it cannot be modified or imitated. In the process of using RFID tags, it is not easy to be worn or transferred.

Commodity RFID Anti-counterfeiting

Manufacturers put RFID tags on each product on the production line. In this case, each product is given a unique identification code—UID, which cannot be tampered with or copied. Moreover, RFID tags can be made using fragile materials, which prevents the tags from being transferred.

Therefore, at any time, any place, product information can be queried in real time. As a consumer, he can shop with confidence by querying product information.

Ticket security

At tourist sites, fake tickets are often sold to consumers by irregularly operated businesses.

The use of RFID tickets including RFID paper ticket instead of traditional manual tickets not only improves efficiency but also plays a role in anti-counterfeiting. RFID tickets have a very important role in places with large ticket volumes, such as sports competitions and concerts: (1) anti-counterfeiting; (2) no longer need manual identification to achieve rapid passage of personnel; (3) count the number of ticket usage. This is mainly to prevent tickets from being stolen and used again.

ID Security

For the security of passports, RFID tags provided by DTB RFID can be embedded on the cover of a standard passport, or they can be pasted on the inner page of the passport. The security of the RFID tag is reflected in: it can not only encrypt, but also prevent it from being transferred.

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