Event Management

RFID event management system is already used for events such as exhibitions and conferences to record the participants.It is also used for big public events such as sport stadiums, concerts, shows etc.

RFID enabled tags or tickets help to automate the registration and check-in process. RFID Technology makes the Check-in process much faster and more convenient for customers. What is more, as a tool for information collection and statistics, RFID event tracking created by DTB RFID has greatly improved the efficiency of data analysis by event organizers.

In a word, with RFID tag on your event site, you will have peace of mind knowing that guests are safe, happy, and will return to your event again.

How does RFID tag work for event management?

When the RFID technology is used for event management, the amazing “all in one” magical thing happens. Let’s take a look at the multiple roles of RFID tags at event sites.

Cases of RFID Event Tracking

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