ISO Wooden NFC Card

ISO Wooden NFC Card

13.56 MHz

85.5 * 54 * 1.3mm

Mechanical Parameters

Inlay Material

Encapsulate Material

About 3.7g / Piece

Laser carving, Relief color printing. Four-color printing, etc.

Printing Options
Offset CMYK printing, silkscreen printing, digital printing

85.5 * 54 * 1.3mm

Electrical Parameters

Air Interface Protocol
ISO/IEC 14443A  ISO15693/ISO18000-3

13.56 MHz

IC Type
 NXP MIFARE Classic EV1 1K(Can be customized)

1K bytes EEPROM Read/Write

IC Life
100,000 Times

Data Retention
10 Years

Application Surface
Non Metal Surface

Reading Range
3~5 cm

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Sealing Level

RoHS Certification

Wooden Card-Size Parameter-v2
Wood Card Material Selection
Wood Card Process Selectio

Application Area


What are wooden NFC cards and how do they work?
Wooden NFC cards are eco-friendly business cards embedded with NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. These cards allow users to share digital information such as contact details, website URLs, or social media profiles by simply tapping the card on an NFC-enabled smartphone.

What are the benefits of using wooden NFC cards over traditional paper business cards?
Eco-friendly: Made from sustainable wood, these cards reduce the environmental impact compared to paper cards, which contribute to deforestation and waste.
Durability: Wooden cards are more robust and long-lasting, resisting wear and tear better than paper cards.
Unique and Memorable: The distinctive look and feel of wood make a lasting impression, helping individuals stand out during networking events.
Functionality: The NFC technology adds a layer of interactivity, enabling instant digital connections without the need for additional apps or manual entry of information.

How customizable are wooden NFC cards, and what customization options are available?
Engraving: Logos, names, and other details can be laser-engraved on the wood surface for a sophisticated look.
Printing: Full-color printing can be applied to the cards, allowing for vibrant and detailed designs.
Chip Encoding: NFC chips can be pre-programmed with specific URLs or other data, and users can often reprogram them using mobile apps if needed.
Shape and Size: While standard sizes are available, some providers offer custom shapes and dimensions to fit unique design needs

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