QY-P10U UHF RFID Desktop Printer

QY-P10U UHF RFID Desktop Printer

Support protocol
EPC Class1 Gen2(lSO 18000-6C)

W 8.2″(208 mm) * D 12.2″(310 mm) * H 7.7″(195 mm)

Product Characteristics

· Printing method: heat sensitivity/heat transfer;

· A variety of functional modes are available:
①Read the label and print and write it ② Printing at the same time ③ Only print, only read and write

· Support protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C)

· Support flexible anti-metal tags(0.8~1.5mm thick);

· Intelligent learning algorithm to avoid error label data, and automatic marking of bad standards;

· Pioneer visualized RFlD signal calibration, one-click calibration RFlD label;

· Reading and writing RFID labels have no effect on printing quality, clear printing, and no white line;

· Optional RJ45 mesh, Bluetooth(4.0),WIFI interface:

· Configure the full-function RFlD tag editing printing software, support date time, serial number, database (Excel/txt/SQL) and other data sources, support reading lD or EPC adapter code and text print on the current label surface;

· Provide complete secondary development packages (control instructions, dynamic library, web printing services, etc.), support the development support of domestic systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android. iOS Kylin, and UOS;

Functional Example

· While printing the surface information of the label, write the chip data;

· Read the chip TlD or EPC data and print it on the current label surface;

· Read the chip TlD/EPC. After data processing, it is rewritten to the chip;

· The access control can be locked/unlocked in the area;

· Access control passwords can be introduced from the database to dynamic transformation

Industry Solutions

· Manufacturing field: real-time monitoring, quality tracking, and automated production for production data.

· the field of logistics: for cargo tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing application, port application, and postal express.

· Retail field: Real-time monitoring and anti-theft for product sales data, self-service shopping in unmanned supermarkets.

· Medical field: for medical device management, patient identity identification, and baby anti-theft.

· The field of public safety: it is mainly used for identity recognition and safety management of public places.

· The field of asset management: it is mainly used for valuable, dangerous, large, large, and similar asset management.

· RFlD technology based on the Internet of Things is widely used, and can also be used for anti-counterfeiting transportation, food, books, animals, agriculture, power management, electronics Payment, environmental monitoring, smart home, beneficial service, public health, green ecology, and other fields.

Can Print Tag Style

Ordinary RFlD Sticker tag, Flexible Anti metal tag, Clothing tag, Woven tag, and Conjoined Paper Cards.Paper wristband.

Product Parameters

QY-P10U-Product Parameters

Details Exhibit

QY-P10U-Details Exhibit

Application Area

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