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In the library, the main job is to take care of the loan of books. Therefore, the basic work of the librarian is to borrow and return the books, put the books on the shelves, and conduct inventory check on the books, and the use of RFID tags for library books will greatly improve book management efficiency.

The introduction of RFID tags for books in library management can simplify the above work and further improve the quality of library services. The use of RFID technology in library including RFID reader device enables simple and fast self-service borrowing by reading multiple books at a time. RFID based library management system is equipped with outdoor equipment for self-service borrowing and returning, which is convenient for readers to go through the borrowing and returning procedures themselves, thus realizing self-service borrowing and returning for readers. Automated RFID book management liberates librarians from previous manual labor, greatly improving work efficiency, and thus can provide readers with more detailed services.

Benefits of RFID Library Management System

  • Achieve comprehensive digital management of the library.
  • Realize the reader’s fully automatic self-service operation process.
  • Provides a new inventory mode for the library, greatly reducing the workload of book sorting, inventory, and wrong book search, greatly improving the work efficiency and quality of library staff, and improving their job satisfaction.
  • The 24-hour self-service library based on RFID in library automation makes readers no longer restricted by the opening hours and distance of the library.
  • The circulation rate of books has been greatly improved.
  • RFID security door improves safety performance.

Frequency of RFID Tags for Library Books


RFID Products for RFID Library System


Cases of Library Management System Using RFID

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