QY-DR300U UHF RFlD Desktop Reader

QY-DR300U UHF RFlD Desktop Reader

Peak Inventory Speed
>50 pcs/s

Product Advantages

· M-500 Micro UHF RFID Module Inside

· USB Charge or Independent 9V Power Supply Supported

· D-100 Read Distance: 80-300cm (Tested With lmpinj E41b Inlay)

· D-101 Read Distance: 10-50cm (Tested With lmpinj E41b Inlay)

· USB 2.0/ RS-232/ Wiegand 26/ Wiegand 34 Supported

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage
DC 3.5V-5V/9V

Standby Mode Current
< 80mA.

Operating Current
150mA @ 3.5V (26 dBm Output,25°C).
110mA @ 3.5V(18 dBm Output,25°C).

Operating Temperature
-20 °C -+ 70 °C

Storage Temperature
-20 °C -+ 85 °C

Operating Humidity
< 95% (+ 25 °C)

Air Interface Protocol
EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C

Spectrum Range
902Mhz-928Mhz, 865MHz-868MHz(Optional)

Supported Regions
US, Canada, and other regions following U.S.FCC Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208China,Korea,Malaysia,

Output Power
18 – 26 dBm

Output Power Precision
+/- 1dB

Output Power Flatness
+/- 0.2dB

Receive Sensitivity
< -70dBm

Peak Inventory Speed
> 50 pcs/s

Tag Buffer Size
200 pcs @ 96 bit EPC


DR-300U 2dbi ceramic antenna
Read range:80-200cm(Tested with lmpinj E41b tag)

DR-301U 0dbi ceramic antenna
Read range:10-50cm(Tested with lmpinj E41b tag)

Host Communication
USB 2.0,RS-232, Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34

Baud Rate
115200 bps( default and recommended), 38400 bps

Air cooling

PIN Assignments

QY-DR300U-PIN Assignments

Structure Dimensions(unit: mm)


Application Area

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