QY-UR01F RFID UHF All-In-One Machine

QY-UR01F RFID UHF All-In-One Machine


Physical Size
216mm * 216mm * 60mm(L * W * H)

Product Features

· Built-in High-Performance TM670 Chip, 18m Reading Distance

· Rich Interface: TCP/IP, RS-232

· Antenna Connection Detection Function

· Unique Anti – Collision Algorithm

· Industrial -Grade Design, Good Reliability

Product Information



Tag Protocol

Supporting Agreement
EPC Global C1Gen 2(ISO 18000-6C)

RFlD Derformance

Antenna Gain

Polarization Mode
Circular Polarization

Plane Half Power Beamwidth
Hor: 70° Ver: 55°


Front-to-Back Ratio

Receiver Sensitivity

Output Power
0-30dBm, Adjustable in 1dB Step

Support Area
FCC 902-928 MHz(USA)
CN 920-925MHz(China)

Data/Control Interface

Support Working Mode
Automatic Card Reading Mode, Fast Reading LabelMode, Low Power Reading Label Mode

Repeated Label Filtering
For a Period of Time, the Same Label is Only Uploaded Once

Communication Interface
RS-232, TCPIP (Option), WIFI (Option)

Firmware Upgrade
You can Upgrade the Uirmware Through The RS-232 andTCPlP Interface

Support One Interface Photoelectric Input, Input VoltageRange 0~24V
Support One Interface OC Door Output (Two GPOOutputs or Two GPl Inputs Can Be Customized)
Serial Number 1:12~24V, Power Supply 0.5A
Serial Number 2: GND
Serial Number 3: GPl, Photoelectric Input
Serial Number 4: GPO1, Maximum Output 0.5A

Human Machine interface

Passing The Power Supply, Respond Two Sounds;
Reading The Label, the Response One Sounds (Can Be Closed)

Indicator Light
Power Light (Red), Card Reading Light (Green), Fault Light (Yellow)

Antenna Connection Detection
He Antenna Connection is Abnormal, Fault Light is Always Bright

API Support

Structure Installation

Physical Size
216 * 216 * 60 mm(L * W * H)

Antenna Cover Material

Antenna Cover Color

Pole Diameter
Ф 30-50 mm

Power supply

DC Power Supply
DC 12-24V 2A

Maximum Working Current
0.8A(30dBm) 0.95A (31dBm)

Stand-By Current

Lightning Protection
Power Lightning Protection, Communication Interface Lightning Protection

Reading Tag Distance

Furthest Reading Tag Distance
13 m

Furthest Write Tag Distance
6 m

Working Environment

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Working Humidity
5%~95%RH, No Gel

Protection Level

Anti 0.8 m Drop

Anti -Vibration
Frequency Range is 5-100Hz, Duration is 30 Min, Acceleration is 4.9m/s?

Anti -impact
Under the Maximum Acceleration of 30m/s² in Three Directions,0.3mm, 50Hz, Duration for 2 min

Contact Discharge ± 4KV, Air Discharge ± 8kV

Electric Rapid Transient Pulse Group
The Tolerance Voltage of The Power Cord is 1KV
The Tolerance Voltage of The Signal Line is 0.5KV

Radiation Electromagnetic Field Resistance degree
Field Strong 3V/m, Frequency Range 80 ~ 1000MHz

Power line:
Live Wire to Neutral Line Tolerance Pulse Voltage 1KV
Live Wire to Ground Line Resistance Pulse Voltage 2KV
Neutral Line to Ground Line Resistance Pulse Voltage 2KV
Signal Line:
Resistant Pulse Voltage 1KV

Application Area

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