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DTB – The winner of IoT Star Awards in the 19th International IoT Exhibition

The 19th International IoT Exhibition held in Shanghai in 2023 is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia. It showcases the entire IoT industry chain, including the perception layer, network layer, and intelligent application layer. The exhibition features technologies such as RFID, sensor networks, short-range communication, mobile payment, middleware, big data processing, cloud computing, and real-time positioning. It demonstrates IoT solutions and applications across various industries, including transportation, manufacturing, smart grids, smart homes, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance management, military, asset management, clothing, libraries, smart cities, and environmental monitoring. The event took place from May 17th to 19th, 2023, in Shanghai, China, showcasing the latest technologies and products in IoT, RFID, smart cards, sensor networks, core control chips, embedded chips, and more.

One significant highlight of the exhibition is the recognition received by DTB RFID Co., Ltd through the IoT Star Awards. DTB’s exceptional contributions in the field of IoT earned them this prestigious award, highlighting their innovative solutions and groundbreaking products.

IoT Star Awards
IoT Star Awards

Moreover, DTB eight-channel reader/writer received the “IOTE Gold Award” at the 18th IOTE event in 2022. This recognition further solidified their position as an industry leader.

The IoT Star Awards, presented by esteemed organizations such as the China IoT Application Industry Alliance, Shenzhen IoT Industry Association, AloT Star Map Research Institute, and AIoT Library, further enhance the credibility and significance of the awards.

IoT Star Awards
IoT Star Awards

Overall, the 19th International IoT Exhibition in Shanghai serves as a platform for industry professionals to explore the latest technologies and solutions. The recognition received by DTB through the IoT Star Award, along with their previous “IOTE Gold Award,” highlights their exceptional performance and expertise. With the support of organizations like the China IoT Application Industry Alliance and others, the exhibition plays a crucial role in promoting and advancing the IoT industry.

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