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RFID Tags Improve Cosmetic Sales

For retail in the cosmetics industry

Several important factors that determine whether a customer purchases are: the variety of goods in stock at each point of sale, the quantity of goods in stock and the ability to replenish. After a series of research, we found that after using RFID to track the goods, the retailer’s inventory accuracy reached 99%, and the improvement of its inventory management efficiency brought up to 10% of sales.

After adding an RFID paper tag to the packaging of cosmetics, consumers also benefit a lot. First, during the shopping process, consumers avoid the time spent in line at the checkout counter, which greatly enhances the shopping experience. Second, consumers can trace the circulation of goods through RFID tags to determine the authenticity of the items they purchase.

For the staff in the store, they can check the goods in the store in a very fast way, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

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