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What is DTB RFID?

DTB RFID is an industry-leading provider of RFID and digital technology solutions.

The company has strong R&D and design capabilities in the fields of electronic tags, data acquisition equipment and application software. After years of precipitation, the company has more than 10 product patents and software copyrights.
The company focuses on applications in the fields of supply chain and asset management, and has developed and designed high-performance tags, RFID reading and writing equipment, warehouse management software, asset management software and other products. 
Through continuous research and innovation, it is committed to providing digital transformation and upgrading services for logistics, retail, manufacturing, footwear, government affairs and other industries.
We adhere to the “customer-centric” business philosophy, people-oriented, strive for excellence, and insist on continuously improving product and service quality. We are your reliable long-term partner

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