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DTBRFID Participated in the RAIN RFID Asian Members Connect Webinar

On January 18th, Tracy Liu, Sales Center Manager of DTBRFID, represented her company at an online seminar hosted by RAIN RFID.

It was chaired by George Greenlee, a principal at RAIN RFID, and included participants such as:

1. Pallet and Container Tracking in RAIN RFID, Tracy Liu, Shenzhen DTBRFID Company

2. Revolutionizing Indian Transportation: The Impact of RFID Technology, Anshrah Neyaz, ID Tech Solutions, Pvt. Ltd.

3. Q&A and Wrap-up – George Greenlee

The seminar was centered around exploring successful case studies of RFID applications, showcasing innovative deployments in fields such as supply chain, retail, and healthcare.

All the alliance members expressed their views, discussing in detail the various applications and impacts of RAIN RFID technology across Asia, as well as the future development trends of RFID across different sectors.

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During the seminar, DTBRFID demonstrated how RFID could be used to upgrade warehouse management intelligently.

By attaching RFID electronic tags to pallets and material boxes, and by integrating handheld RFID devices, fixed readers, and access gates with a WMS warehouse management system, it is possible to perform massive inventory checks within seconds.

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DTBRFID is a hi-tech company that specializes in RFID products and IOT information systems. With many years of development, DTBRFID can provide customers with one-step service including antenna design, card/tag design, manufacturing, and chip personalization.

As one of the leading RFID solution providers, DTB products are widely used in event management, supply chain, asset tracking, library management, apparel and retail, etc.

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