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What Is The Walmart ARC Label?

With the development of Internet of Things technology, RFID smart tags are quietly changing our lives. Global retail giant Walmart has issued a notice to its suppliers requiring certain product categories to be equipped with ARC-certified RFID smart tags.

As a giant in the retail industry, Wal-Mart’s move heralds the increasingly widespread application of RFID tags. Faced with such changes, how should suppliers respond?

Question 1: What requirements do the RFID tags for the Walmart project need to meet?

– GS1 RFID globally unified encoding standard
– Auburn University RFID Laboratory ARC Certification Standard

RFID tags that meet the above standards ensure that the tag antenna is well-designed and the reading effect is good. In addition, tags must meet technical specifications such as frequency and memory size before they can enter Walmart’s supply system.

Question 2: Which product categories does Walmart require the use of ARC-certified RFID tags?

Walmart requires products in the following categories to be affixed with ARC-certified RFID tags when entering the store.

·Household products
·Sports products
·3C Electronics
·Car battery

Question 3: Common application forms of ARC tags

·Universal self-adhesive stickers with embedded RFID but without UPC
·Universal self-adhesive stickers with embedded RFID and UPC
·Universal embedded RFID tags
·Branded hang tag with embedded RFID


Question 4: What are the common processing problems of ARC RFID tags?

·How to choose the corresponding labels for customer products
·Failure to understand Walmart transcoding rules, resulting in incorrect data being written.
·No relevant protection processing of data
·No ability to encode and verify Walmart data

DTBRFID can recommend labels that meet Walmart’s selection requirements based on the provided product and UPC information, transcode the UPC to generate the corresponding EPC, use an RFID printer to code the labels and write chip data, and send them to Auburn University laboratories carry out ARC certification.

After passing the certification, DTBRFID can provide customers with a complete set of ARC products and solutions such as RFID tags and tag data processing, handheld devices and ARC decoding software, and UHF card readers.

Question 5: What related supporting products can DTBRFID provide?

DTBRFID is an industry-leading provider of RFID products and solutions. The company has strong R&D and design capabilities in the fields of electronic tags, data collection equipment, and application software, and has helped many Walmart suppliers successfully introduce ARC tag applications.

In response to Walmart’s requirements and standards, we can provide the following supporting products:

RFID Tags:

AZ-MR7N-mainAZ-GR7E-1AZ-HR7A-mainavery-beltavery-Miniweb Globalavery-Web

RFID Reader


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