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The RFID reader is an automatic identification device that can read the data of electronic tags. According to the different readings, tag frequency is divided into low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency reader. RFID reader needs to be equipped with an RFID antenna to read tag information.

Types of RFID Reader for Sale

The Working Principle of RFID Technology

The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complicated: the Tag into the magnetic field, after receiving the rf signal from the reader, with the energy gained by the induced current sends product information stored in the chip (Passive Tag, Passive tags or Passive tags), or take the initiative to send a frequency signal (Active Tag, Active Tag or Active);After reading and decoding the information, the reader sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

The RFID label reader: The basic information carrier of the measured object is the electronic RFID card tag, which has two types. The other type is passive, which has no power source of its own and is supplied by an external power. So who's going to power it? It's the card reader in the RFID system. It is a radio frequency transceiver that, once in operation, emits an am signal to activate the electronic tag. In the case of a passive electronic tag, it has to be transmitted power. Of course, the transmission of electrical energy is limited by many external conditions.

Different Types of RFID Readers

Desktop Reader is an ID/ IC reader for both 125KHz and 13.56MHz dual-band. Adopt advanced plug-and-play, no-drive USB connection technology. By simulating the keyboard output mode, the card number of the RFID card can be obtained by swiping the card, which is simple and stable. At present, Desktop Reader has been widely used in data entry, information inquiry, Internet bar registration, book lending, conference check-in, and access control.

The handhold readers are characterized by their read/ write functions, battery charging management function, etc. It fulfils the requirements of the customers for the E-commerce application which enables the user to take the portable to where tagged items to be scanned rather than moving objects to a reader fixed at a certain area. 

Production Process
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