RFID Tie Tag

RFID Tie Tag

Our UHF RFID cable tags, luggage tags, and bag tags are essential tools for anyone who travels frequently. These smart luggage tags utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide real-time tracking for your baggage. With a read range of up to 8 meters, it works seamlessly with baggage tracking systems to provide you with accurate information about your luggage location.

The cable ties are also equipped with RFID technology, making them perfect for securing your belongings during transit. With this baggage tracking solution, you can rest easy knowing that your bags are being monitored at all times. Its trackers work with inspection inventory systems to provide airlines and travelers with accurate data on the location of luggage.

Don’t let lost luggage ruin your travel experience. Our RFID bag tags and luggage tags ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. The tag works seamlessly with baggage tracking systems to provide real-time information about your luggage location. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to track your bags, be sure to check out this RFID technology and smart luggage tags.


1. What are the advantages of using RFID Tie Tags?

RFID Tie Tags offer a secure and versatile solution for attaching to objects, providing efficient tracking, improved inventory management, and enhanced asset maintenance in various industries.

2. How are RFID Tie Tags attached to objects?

RFID Tie Tags are equipped with a strap or tie mechanism that allows them to be securely fastened around items such as cables, pipes, and equipment, ensuring reliable identification and tracking.

3. What industries benefit from using RFID Tie Tags?

Industries like construction, energy, and telecommunications leverage RFID Tie Tags to streamline operations, monitor asset usage, and facilitate maintenance tasks in challenging and expansive environments.

4. Are RFID Tie Tags resistant to harsh conditions?

Yes, RFID Tie Tags are designed to withstand tough conditions, including exposure to moisture, temperature variations, and physical stress, making them suitable for rugged environments.

5. Can RFID Tie Tags improve supply chain management?

Absolutely, RFID Tie Tags contribute to supply chain efficiency by enabling real-time tracking of goods, enhancing traceability, reducing losses, and facilitating accurate inventory reconciliation along the supply chain.

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