RFID Paper Hang Tag

RFID Paper Hang Tag

Paper hang tags with RFID technology are an eco-friendly and sustainable option for the clothing industry. Recycled tags and seed tags are gaining popularity due to their environmentally conscious properties. Seed paper, for instance, is embedded with wildflower seeds, making it a unique and sustainable choice for businesses looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

These RFID clothing tags are typically made from 100% recyclable materials and can be customized with full-color digital printing, allowing for brand recognition and easy identification of products. Brands like DTBRFID offer a variety of card stocks and seed paper options for hang tags that can be integrated with RFID systems for efficient inventory management.

In addition to their eco-friendly properties, these tags with RFID technology are also functional. The woven labels and RFID technology help clothing brands to easily track inventory and manage stock levels, while the seed paper hang tags can be used to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at the point of sale.


1. What is an RFID paper hang tag?

An RFID paper hang tag is a label that integrates radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into a paper-based form, enabling data storage and wireless communication for tracking and identification purposes.

2. What are the benefits of using RFID paper hang tags?

RFID paper hang tags offer streamlined inventory management, efficient supply chain tracking, and enhanced authentication, making them valuable tools in industries like retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

3. How does an RFID paper hang tag work?

RFID paper hang tags operate through a combination of an embedded RFID chip and an antenna. When exposed to an RFID reader’s electromagnetic field, the chip activates, allowing the tag to exchange information with the reader.

4. Which industries use RFID paper hang tags?

Industries such as retail, apparel, healthcare, and automotive utilize RFID paper hang tags to optimize processes ranging from stock control to anti-counterfeiting measures.

5. Are RFID paper hang tags secure?

RFID paper hang tags can incorporate security features like encryption to protect transmitted data, addressing concerns about potential unauthorized access or data breaches.

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