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RFID Inlay

Custom RFID Inlay Manufacturer

Inlay is an important material in the production process of RFID products. Normally, RFID inlay consists of microchip, antenna and substrate. As a core part of all kinds of RFID products, Inlay quality directly affects the reliability and performance of the finished RFID Tags. 

Owning a rich RFID experience, DTB is very familiar with Inlay's processing and production technology. We can design and produce Inlay which is suitable for various industrial environments and applications according to customer needs.

In addition to RFID dry inlay and RFID wet inlay, DTB also offers RFID prelam in various sizes and thicknesses. For the RFID prelam, DTB uses advanced laminating equipment. In the production process, each production technical parameter conforms to the ISO7810 standard, which makes the finished prelam bond firmly. We have automated wire planting technology and touch welding technology, which makes the performance of RFID prelam very stable.

DTB RFID Inlay Production

    RAIN/UHF RFID Inlay is the microchip and antenna core of an RFID tag which uses Radiofrequency identification passive (battery-free) wireless technology system to identify and track objects.
  • HF/NFC RFID Inlay
    With a wide selection of antenna choices and protocols, DTB HF inlays offer great application flexibility and fit-for-function design in the most demanding applications.
  • RFID Card Prelam
    DTB RFID designs various kinds of RFID prelam to meet different layout standards. The prelam edge made by DTB RFID is neat, the surface is smooth and flat, and the chip position is neat and consistent.
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Category of RFID Inlay by Frequency

  • LF RFID Inlay(125KHz/134.2KHz)

  • HF/NFC RFID Inlay(13.56MHz)

  • UHF/Rain RFID Inlay(860~960MHz)

Category of RFID Inlay by Structure

  • RFID dry inlay:  chip + antenna + substrate PET;

  • RFID wet inlay:  chip + antenna + substrate PET + glue + release paper;

  • RFID prelam:  Substrate PVC + chip + antenna + Substrate PVC.

Main Application of RFID Inlay

Main Application of RFID Inlay

  • Logistic management

  • Retail management

  • Medicine management

  • Library management

  • Transportation

  • Laundry