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RFID Wristband

Custom RFID Wristband Manufacturer

RFID wristband is a convenient and durable RFID product for wearing on the wrist. RFID wristbands are comfortable to wear and beautiful in appearance, helping to customize the brand image. Therefore, it is loved by enterprises and end-users.

DTB RFID Wristband Production

  • RFID Silicone Wristband
    RFID wristbands combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used like a wrist watch and make using RFID technology easy.
  • RFID Fabric Wristband
    With the popularity of RFID cashless solutions, RFID fabric wristbands are becoming more and more popular in the market. The classic RFID fabric wristband is mainly made by 3 kinds of processes: subli...
  • RFID Paper Wristband
    Paper wristbands are frequently used. DTB enhances this product with modern RFID technology. The special feature of the paper RFID wristband is its adhesive closure.
  • RFID Vinyl Wristband
    RFID wristbands combine RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used as a wristwatch and make using RFID technology easy.
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RFID Wristband for the Amusement Industry

The design of an RFID wristband can also be customized to suit the venue. They can be made in a huge variety of materials and designs, including glowing lights, brand elements, or stylized souvenirs for customers to take home.

When issued with an RFID wristband, patrons are instantly recognized whenever they are in proximity to a wristband reader. This could be upon entering the premises, making purchases, and entering certain areas such as bathrooms or social media photography points. By removing the human element of having to read a paper ticket or pass, patrons can be ushered through those pesky queues as quickly as possible.

RFID Wristband for Medical Applications

The RFID wristband gives each patient a unique identification number. Through the unique identification number, doctors and nurses can instantly upload medical information, medication records, and the patient's physical status to the hospital's management system.

RFID Wristband for School Applications

With the progression of technology, educational institutes are focusing on easier, securer, and beneficial tech to advance their teaching and students' learning experience. RFID Wristband will be a good choice for schools. The students' ID, picture, full name... ..., all this information is linked to the institute's network server by RFID wristband.

Category of RFID Wristband

Silicone WristbandFabric WristbandPaper Wristband

PVC Wristband

Vinyl Wristband

MaterialSiliconeFabric + Plastic TagPaper, TyvekPVC,Vinyl
LOGO printingPantone color
Silkscreen printing
CMYK full-color printingCMYK full-color printingCMYK full color or
Pantone color
OptionsAdjustableSublimation, woven, satin

Synthetic paper

Tyvek paper



ApplicationReusableReusable or disposabledisposabledisposable

Silicone Wristband

Fabric Wristband

Paper Wristband

PVC Wristband

Main Application of RFID Inlay

  • Transportation and tourism

  • Event management

  • Loyalty management

  • Finance (cashless payment)

  • Medical and health

  • Ticket and access control